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Compassionate Home Care in Olathe KS

Empowering loved ones to continue living at home with home care in Olathe KS.

When a loved one becomes dependent on the help of others, it can be unsettling time while everyone adjusts. It’s difficult for both the person depending on others and for the families or friends caring for the individual. Perhaps routine activities like driving to the grocery store or driving back from the gas station have become a challenge.

At Benefits of Home, we understand your new normal can be a lot to handle at once. Maybe what you need is a trusted, quality caregiver to provide home care in Olathe KS on a scheduled routine basis. To take some of the load off of your shoulders.

A Caregiver in Olathe, There When You Need Them.

When you need a caregiver to help you adjust to normalcy, that’s when we come into the picture!

Regardless if your loved one simply needs medication reminders or if they need “around the clock” care, our home care in Olathe KS provides the benefits of assisted living but in the comfort of the individual’s home.

It’s about more than service, it’s about the compassionate care we add to Home Care in Olathe KS.

At Benefits of Home, our caregivers do more than simply provide a service. Other home care providers may create a sense of formality, providing impersonal services based on routine procedure. Not us!

The main emphasis of our business on investing in developing caring & compassionate caregivers. Over time we have created a recipe for success specific to Benefits of Home. Our unique recipe builds a team of great home health caregivers. Our caregivers build friendships with their clients, an added bonus for working with our home care in Olathe KS.

Like any recipe, it’s all about having the right ingredients. The combination of outstanding skills, awareness of human instincts, and a great passion for people create a recipe for success.

Next, Create custom home care in Olathe KS Based on Your Lifestyle & Service Needs.

We developed our plans to be customizable according to each individual’s situation. Why did we decide to add this? Well, we don’t believe it is fair to standardize or categorize someone’s health care needs.

You may be thinking custom sounds complicated! Luckily, we make it easy for you to choose your requirements to create your customized plan! For example, we break it down into steps. The first step? All you need to do is identify your daily needs using our free mapping tool.

Select Your Frequency, Select Your Services.

For routine, quick service needs we offer quick visits and wellness visits. The quick visits are for families needing an affordable option with daily visits for reminders, wellness checks or help with day to day tasks. Our wellness visit is designed to minimize future health care expenses by working with an RN advisor on wellness education.

Our daytime support visits range from 1 to 24 hours of assistance and are designed for household and personal care needs.

Overnight support visits in Olathe KS includes two overnight visits for maximum flexibility for night-time support.

Need help??
We offer a free consultation with our elder care experts in Olathe KS  to help you through the process.  

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Because everyone should stay in the comforts of their home.

We’ve provided home care to individuals for 10 years. Therefore, we can empathize and identify ways to achieve the goals of our patients. We firmly believe regardless of your loved one’s health, their age or their medical condition – every person should have the chance to continue to enjoy life in the comforts of their own home.

That’s why we’re proud to say Benefits of Home empowers loved ones to continue to live at home while they receive the expert medical attention they need at any given time of the day that fits their schedule.

Personalized home care in Olathe KS is the solution for your loved one and your family.

From Senior Citizens to Medical Conditions – We Love to Work with Everyone!

For some individuals, they’re facing a limiting medical condition which shouldn’t restrain their freedom or flexibility to live a normal life in their home. Too often, individuals with growing dependency are treated as an inconvenience. Our caregivers provide compassionate support to build a strong relationship and brighten our client’s day!

Achieving senior citizen status is a life milestone which should be honored. They have contributed to society and deserve the highest quality of respect. We love working with senior citizens, oh the stories they can tell!

What are the benefits of home care in Olathe KS over traditional services?

When you choose home care in Olathe KS,  you open up your loved one’s mind to the possibility of a new way of living during their current stage of life. You’re providing your loved one with a much higher sense of self-dignity and security. This option allows your loved one to live safely and successfully at home.

It offers your loved one a better quality of life based on their given situation.  

Home care makes it easier for family and friends to visit on a regular basis, allows your loved one more freedom and independence while simultaneously tailoring to the needs of each individual as a patient.

Home care in Olathe KS is a more affordable alternative enables your family to stay within your budget in comparison to other assistance based living programs.

Our Caregivers

  • Reliable
  • Relatable
  • Capable
  • Excellent Judgement
  • Success in a Home Environment